The Hour of Code: A BHS Help Desk Update

Over the course of this week, BHS Help Desk students have been busy completing various Hour of Code tutorials. Each student has had the opportunity to select a tutorial of his or her choice, the only stipulation was the tutorial be challenging. Several Help Desk students have previous coding experience, so it was important to me as their instructor they spend their Hour of Code on something that further developed their existing coding skills and knowledge, or introduced them to a new type of programming language.  Today, my Help Desk students spent some time working with my Digital Literacy/Web 2.0 students and will do so again tomorrow. On Friday, they will be available all day to assist any Burlington High School student who is interested in learning to code and will help guide them through a tutorial of their choice.

Below are my students’ reviews of their Hour of Code experience. Please take a few moments to read through their posts and while you are there, feel free to explore other areas of their blogs including their weekly reflections, Ted Talk and tech article analysis, and their progress towards their Individual Learning Endeavors. As always, if you have any questions about the Help Desk curriculum and how the program continues to evolve as Burlington approaches year two and half of our 1:1 initiative, please feel free to contact us!


Dora- Scratch
Harsh- Intro to Python
Jason- Scratch
Kyle- Lightbot
Max- Hopscotch
Nathan- Codecademy
Amit- Grok Learning
Nick- Codecademy
Xin- Codecademy

3 thoughts on “The Hour of Code: A BHS Help Desk Update

  1. Great work students! I’m sharing this to my network so people around the world can see what you’re doing! It is important when we learn something new to share it like you have done. And hats off to Ms. Jenn Scheffer for sharing your work with the world. I’m going to do something similar with my Computer Science students. Great work and keep coding!

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