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Help Desk Live-Episode 24: What’s Up With Chalk Up?

In Help Desk Live Episode 24, Timmy Sullivan spoke with Justin Chando, CEO and Founder of Chalk Up. Chalk Up is a new learning management system with seamless Google Apps for Education integration. In this episode, Justin discusses Chalk Up’s features which, among others, includes a powerful, built-in rubric creation tool to make assessment of student work a…

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Engage Students with Interlace

In Help Desk Live Episode 20, senior Nathan Rippin interviews Eric Coopey, founder of the interactive web tool Interlace. Nathan also speaks with Gary Garber a physics teacher at Boston University Academy and early adopter of Interlace.

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Learning Twitter with Tweechme

Help Desk Live- Episode 18 features an interview with Susan Bearden, developer of the app TweechMe. Seniors TJ Horgan and Michael Seleman conduct a great interview and learn about how Tweechme can assist educators in learning how to use Twitter.