How to insert an image into Google Drive

How to insert an image into Google Drive 1. Mouseover to ‘Insert’ in menu bar at the top of the screen 2. Select ‘Image’ 3. Click on the blue bar that says “Choose an image to select” 4. Choose the picture you want 5. Resize and move picture to desire  

How to use Prezi

The following video is a tutorial on the usage of the app Prezi by Prezi Inc. Prezi is an application that allows you to make a presentation with pictures and text. The tutorial can be found here.

How to use GoodNotes

On February 17th, Time Base Technology Limited released an application called GoodNotes. The application GoodNotes is a note taking app that allows you to type, draw and add pictures. The application is available in both a free and paid version. Below is a  tutorial on how to use the basics of this application. If you…

Theo Jansen and the Strandbeests

       Theo Jansen was born March 14, 1948 in the Netherlands. In 1979 Jansen used his passion for physics and art and created a UFO out of PVC pipes filled with helium. His creation that caused a near-riot, was a prank that combined art and technology. Between 1984-1986, Jansen created a painting machine…