So, You Want to Know What Hosting Help Desk Live is Like?

Editor’s Note: this post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk junior Jhymon Moodie. To learn more about VloggedIn, and how it can help your students create a positive digital footprint, visit their site at  Yesterday, I co-hosted episode 25 of Help Desk Live. It was a fun process and it was even better…

Help Desk Live-Episode 24: What’s Up With Chalk Up?

In Help Desk Live Episode 24, Timmy Sullivan spoke with Justin Chando, CEO and Founder of Chalk Up. Chalk Up is a new learning management system with seamless Google Apps for Education integration. In this episode, Justin discusses Chalk Up’s features which, among others, includes a powerful, built-in rubric creation tool to make assessment of student work a…

Engage Students with Interlace

In Help Desk Live Episode 20, senior Nathan Rippin interviews Eric Coopey, founder of the interactive web tool Interlace. Nathan also speaks with Gary Garber a physics teacher at Boston University Academy and early adopter of Interlace.

Learning Twitter with Tweechme

Help Desk Live- Episode 18 features an interview with Susan Bearden, developer of the app TweechMe. Seniors TJ Horgan and Michael Seleman conduct a great interview and learn about how Tweechme can assist educators in learning how to use Twitter.

Help Desk Live-Episode 3

Help Desk Live-Episode 3 is this Friday, February 14th from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. The link to this public event can be found here or you can watch the event stream live on YouTube (see video below) Help Desk is pleased to welcome Sara Dionne to Help Desk Live-Episode 3. Sara is a Senior Director, Talent Operations for Comcast Cable…