Miscellaneous Prints

Help Desk 3D Printer Update: Miscellaneous Prints Here are a couple of our miscellaneous prints off the printer. The first is a scale model of “the thinker” by Auguste Rodin. The second print is a scale model of a buckyball. (Buckminsterfullerene ball)

Camera Shoulder

Camera Shoulder Mount Another project completed and off the printer is our Camera Shoulder Mount. The mount is placed on your shoulder, with the guiding grips in your hands. A camera is then attached to the base. This allows for a stable recording, with a better amount of control. The project itself is not terribly…

3D Printer Update

3D Printer Update Our makerbot 3D printer has undergone some improvements in the last week or so. The extruder tension piece needed replacement. This switch was made easy by the ability to print the new piece that we needed in-house. Using an available online schematic, we were able to upgrade from a Mk 7 to…

Gear Heart

A video put together to show the Help Desk’s new print “Gear Heart” in action. The Heart itself is made of seventeen red, hallow PLA pieces. Just like a real heart, it is capable of breaking, and inflicting pain.