Google Underwater Maps

By Ronak Patel 

Google, probably the largest mapping giant, just really went for a dive. In a blogpost on September 25th, Google introduced their newest feature, underwater maps view. Thats right, Google now brings you underwater for a completely different, incredible view. You can check out the Heron Island Resort underwater and swim with the turtles, or take a different swim with manta rays at Lady Elliot Island underwater. Don’t hesitate to check out Google’s entire collection of Underwater views. They rule.

Google Partnered with The Catlin Seaview Survey to make all these incredible Maps views available to anyone with access to Google Maps. The Catlin Seaview Survey actually designed a camera especially made for this, they call it the SVII.

The images are truly stunning, and there are so many to see. Personally I have never been to any of the places that have the underwater maps, and this was just absolutely mind-blowing to me. Taking a trip underwater no longer requires you to get wet, rent a boat or obtain a scuba license.

Note: Addresses are approximate underwater… I wouldn’t expect directions

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