Red Bull Stratos Team Attempts To Break Skydive Record

By Ian Rush

We are fortunate to live in a world in which humans defy the impossible or rather bring a new meaning to the word insanity.  The Red Bull Stratos Team will have Felix Baumgartner attempt to break the super sonic skydive live today at 8:30 A.M. Eastern time.  This in my opinion isn’t something unexpected given the famous daredevil and the many commercials we see of certain individuals defying the odds.  A special pressurized suit has been designed for the thrill seeker.

It will take Baumgartner about two hours to reach 120,000 feet, but he’s not the only one who will be that high up.  Five cameras, a GPS tracking device, a receiver for communication purposes as well as a voice transmitter will accompany him on his journey up and on the way back.  The events will take place near Roswell, New Mexico.  Twenty miles above the Earth’s surface plummeting at 690 mph.  I guess it’s now safe to say Red Bull gives you wings.



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