Moderating a Twitter Chat? Tweetdeck is what you need.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk senior Josh Boulos.

When moderating my first Twitter chat back in October 2015, I never thought that a web based application like Tweetdeck would help me out so much. It is absolutely a must use for people charged with the task of moderating a Twitter chat. This six and a half minute screencast shows exactly how to work Tweetdeck and demonstrates all its great features. Specifically, I demonstrate how to do the following:

1. Schedule a Tweet – important because it allows you as the moderate to participate in the chat live instead of worrying about Tweeting the questions.

2. Using the @mentions column – important because it allows you to see who mentions you in the conversation. Having the @mention column allows you to respond to people who tag you in the conversation.

3. User column- allows you to keep track of specific users in the chat; your teacher, co-moderator, etc.

4. Hashtag column (found in Search) – important because it allows you to keep track of every single Tweet in the conversation.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and encourage you to share it with your students, teacher, and even the parents in your school community who engage in Twitter chats.

It is definitely worth the watch!


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