Upload and convert documents to Google Drive

by Hannah Lienhard

How to convert and upload documents to google drive.

Video Tutorial : coming soon

Step one:
Go to www.google.com

Step two:
Log into your Google account.

Step Three:
Click on the word ‘Drive’ at the top of the window. I the word ‘Documents’ appears in place of the word ‘Drive’, go to www.google.com/drive.

Step Four:
Check your conversion settings by clicking on the gear icon, and scrolling your cursor over
‘Upload Settings’. Make sure you check all three options in ‘Upload settings’

Step Five:
Press the upload Icon on your Google Drive homepage.

Step Six:
Select ‘Files’ or ‘Folders’

Step Seven:
Select desired documents or folders from your computer to begin upload!

**If you need or want any help during or after your completion of this process, feel free to stop by the Help Desk as needed.

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