2 Chrome Plug-ins for Math

By Kristin Johnson

The Desmos Graphing Calculator is an intuitive Google Chrome plug-in graphing calculator that allows you to graph a numerous amount of equations.  Having never used a graphing calculator before, the instruction gives you a basic feel on how to go about using the application. Along with being able to save new expressions and open old ones, you are able to click a button and the points of interest will be displayed.  When demonstrating in conjunction with a projector, a button is provided that makes the lines thicker and darker to make sure that the lines will always be seen easily. The Demos Graphing Calculator does not have an app in the app store, so computer access would have to be given if students were to use this app. The app can be found here.

The Daum equation editor is a Google Chrome plug-in that provides a simple way to create new equations for worksheets, quizzes and tests. This application allows you to make any form of equations. Toward the top of the screen, seventeen buttons appear with different labels, each containing different symbols. You can change the color, font size, highlight the font, bold it, underline it, save your finished problem as an image or text. The Daum equation editor is not available in the app store or on the chrome app for iPad, but is available in the Chrome Web Store.

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