Why you should upgrade to the iPhone 5

The Question that is going through everyone’s mind right now is, “Should I upgrade to the iPhone 5?”

Well for starters the screen is bigger. About half an inch taller but no wider than the old model. This may seem trivial to some, but many people complained about the size of the iPhone’s screen in comparison to other phones such as Androids and Windows phones. So if you want that extra room on your screen then definitely consider upgrading.


The last major update to the phone was enabling use with 4G cellular networks. This feature allows the iPhone 5 to use the newest generation of cell signals. 4G networks can get speeds comparable and faster than home and office WiFi networks. Many people have been wanting this feature since 4G networks emerged and felt left behind when they did not get it when the iPhone4S was released, so this alone is a very good reason to upgrade your phone.


That’s not the only major improvement the iPhone 5 has to offer. It comes with Apple’s new A6 processor chip. This new chip allows the iPhone 5 to perform tasks up to two times as fast as the iPhone 4S. So basically what this means is that apps start up faster, games play smoother, and there is less lag when you have multiple apps open in multitasking.

Other minor improvements are a slightly better camera on the front and back, better video stabilization, better battery life than the iPhone4S, and the new lightning connector. Overall the iPhone 5 is a big improvement over the 4S. So if your were looking to upgrade your phone definitely consider getting the iPhone 5.


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