YouTube Quizzes

YouTube Quiz UI Beta

By Ronak Patel

YouTube recently launched an application (in beta) that will be a big asset for classroom teachers. The newest feature on Youtube is a quiz. In the middle of the video, the owner of it can add questions and have an entire quiz through the duration of the video. If you want to try out the beta, you can find it here. All you have to do is click “Join the Video Questions Editor” Beta. Youtube has not given any guarantee of making a long-term commitment to this, it’s simply in testing.
Basically, you can add the questions in the video as shown in the picture, and for now it’s only in multiple choice format. When you answer the question correctly, the video simply moves on, if you get it wrong, a hint will show up, but only if the owner has added one. This could be used for anyone who wants to give some sort of lesson online (Which many people do) and in the middle of their lesson, they can post up a questions or multiple questions to test you. Some people might dislike this, but again, this is simply in beta and Youtube has not shown any desire  (yet) to make this something permanent.

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