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Editor’s Note: At Burlington High School we are fortunate to have a school administration that understands the educational value of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In our most recent post, Senior Help Desk Blogger Jason Landry highlights specifically how teachers can use Instagram in the classroom in a variety of creative ways. 

Using Instagram As A Teaching Tool:

Many teachers are looking for new ways to engage students in the classroom. Since so many students use Instagram, incorporating this simple photo app is a great way to instantly hook your students.

instagramFor example, one of my English teachers created a classroom Instagram account that she used to help us review vocabulary. We also used Instagram to complete creative homework assignments. My teacher would post a picture and tag a student. The student then had to comment and explain what vocabulary word coincided with the picture. This was a much more interesting way to do homework versus a standard worksheet or even a digital flashcard tool. The best part about this, from a student perspective, is that I could do my homework from my smartphone.

Another way to incorporate Instagram into the classroom for an art or photography teacher is to take pictures of interesting designs, patterns, or even your students’ artwork.  Also, some teachers may want to nominate students of the month (or week) and post their pictures and a brief description of the students’ achievements. Parents would enjoy seeing how their children are connecting with their teacher using social media.

Extragram Credit:

As an extra credit opportunity if your students go on a vacation or participate in an extracurricular activity they can photograph these events and post them for you and their classmates to view. At the end of the semester or year, Instagram photos will serve as an archive of the work and experiences you and your students created.

Instagram for Contests:

Instagram can also be used for fun contests among students and staff. For example, here at BHS, we are using a combination of Instagram and Twtpoll to determine who in fact has the most fashion sense when it comes to socks. If you are interested in seeing this week’s contestants, you can check them out (and vote for your favorite) by clicking here.

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Websites for more ways to use Instagram in the classroom:

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If famous historical events took place in the age of Instagram [20 pictures]

Using Instagram in the classroom is a very helpful way to keep the interests of the students. Many students lose interest with lectures some call them “boring”. To be the teacher that isn’t boring try incorporating technology into your class work!


7 thoughts on “Instagram In the Classroom

  1. Awesome, Jenn. You continue to inspire as you’re one step ahead of us with phenomenal ways to inspire us. Can’t wait for you to come into the class so that we might learn about ways to incorporate Instagram and Haiki Deck……

  2. You continue to amaze us and challenge us, Jenn, with your phenomenal ideas. You’re always one step ahead of us. You’re well read and knowledgeable about the latest in technology. Can’t wait for you to come into my classes to share more about Instagram and Haiki Deck, two more ways to maximize and foster learning.

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  4. First of all Thanks to Jason for sharing creative ideas with us, I think Instagram is a great way to catalogue all thoughts of students into pictures and videos. It’s so simple for students and teachers to express the ideas with each other just in seconds.

  5. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as
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    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks a lot!

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