Help Desk Team Member Spotlight: Mira Mehdi

Mira is entering her second year as a member of the Burlington High School Student Technology Integration and Innovation course. She joined the program last January and quickly established herself as the resident iMovie expert. In addition, she experimented with Google Glass, the augmented reality app Aurasma, and offered her perspective on Chrome versus Safari. The iMovie she created featuring the students in Mr. Mistler’s fashion design course was my absolute favorite project of the year. Collectively, Mira’s posts and videos accumulated well over 1,000 views on the Help Desk blog. During the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year, Mira also co-hosted several Help Desk Live episodes and did a tremendous job interviewing professionals from both business and education.

This year Mira is once again showing her passion for technology by assisting students and teachers with solving technology problems. She is also already putting her iMovie skills to good use by assisting her Help Desk colleagues with the creation of their Help Desk introduction videos. I am confident she will continue to find ways to showcase her innovation as a second-year Help Desk student. Below is her first post which originally appeared on her blog.

Apple’s Watch


As you all have probably heard by now, the Apple’s Watch’s features have been released to the public to see what they may be owing in a couple of weeks. The Watch took a complete turn on the concept of a watch, and has definitely incorporated any and all type of technological advances Apple has assembled. There are many amazing features to this new innovative incredible watch. However, a few features really caught my eye:

There are three distinctive collections: the Watch, the Watch Sports, and the Watch Edition.

1.) The Case:


For the Watch Sports, Apple states, “The Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodized aluminum insilver and space gray. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass. And the matching fluoroelastomer band comes in five different colors.” This gives me reassurance that this is an actual watch and not just a toy and, like the iPhone, it has a protected pre-installed case (which is the actual product).

2.) The display:


The Watch can actually sense when you are lifting your arm, so that the display can turn on right when you want it, and so that you don’t waste the Watch’s battery. Also, I love how different it is. I have never seen a watch with a screen display, just like a phone. You can access as many apps as you would like, navigate the screen without having to actually touch the screen, and also this watch has an amazing clear display that lets you see the smallest details. The types of apps you can use are things like maps, calendar, photos, weather, and even iTunes and your music library. It amazes me every time Apple thinks of something completely different from the norm.

3.) Communication:


With this new watch, you can leave your house, forget your iPhone, and still be all set for the day. This watch can access your email, send and receive text messages, use Siri, and even make phone calls! Yes, a watch that can make phone calls! Unbelievable right?

Apple never ceases to amaze me. Every time they put something new out I always ask myself, “can they actually put something out better next time?” And every time they prove me wrong, and put something out that is ten times better! This watch is definitely the new future, and as soon as I can afford it, I will be the first in line to by one, as should everyone else.

To learn more about Mira, you can watch her introduction video below. Please come and visit her in person period 4!




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