Help Desk Team Member Spotlight: TJ Horgan

Today’s Help Desk Team Member Spotlight is on senior TJ Horgan.

TJ brings technology experience and knowledge to Help Desk as well as strong leadership skills. He is currently the President of the Student Council Executive Board, the National Honor Society and is also the Editor-In-Chief of the BHS paper “The Devil’s Advocate.” He’s also quite an actor, as you will see in the video below that he and I created to promote Help Desk (special thanks to BHS Class of 1989 alumnus Amy Poehler and Best Buy for the inspiration!). TJ wrote the script for our commercial and acted as the director. His Help Desk colleague Michael Seleman was our videographer and Mira Mehdi did all of the editing in iMovie. To say this was a fun collaboration is an understatement! Be sure to stay tuned for future ads throughout the semester! Get to know more about TJ by watching his introduction video below our commercial.



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