Student Blogs: 2014-2015

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Each BHS Help Desk student maintains his or her own blog which chronicles their learning experiences in the program. A central component of the individual blog is the weekly reflection.

Weekly reflections are a summary of the skills and knowledge each student is developing throughout the course. Students are asked to identify and analyze situations where they demonstrate their ability to do the following:

Gather, assess and analyze information
Think critically and creatively problem solve
Adapt to new situations
Collaborate across networks
Take initiative and show leadership
Communicate orally and in writing

Students have the freedom to design a vision for their own learning and share this vision via their personal blog. Finally, students’ 20% time, or Individual Learning Endeavor, is also showcased on their personal blogs at the end of each semester. As you will see, each student’s blog is unique and personalized, the way all learning experiences should be!

Please take a moment to view my students’ blogs and share them with members of your school community, especially if you would like to develop a program similar to what we have here in Burlington.

Cat Hoyt
TJ Horgan
Nathan Rippin
Kristin Johnson
Michael Seleman
Manas Purohit
Dan Pais
Mira Mehdi
Nikhil Thakkar
Dipen Patel
Jhymon Moodie
Hammad Sadiq
Demetrios Stefanidis
Timmy Sullivan
Prateek Rana
Kelsey Daniels O’Brien
Mehul Patel
Nick Whitney
Josh Cyr


6 thoughts on “Student Blogs: 2014-2015

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  3. Hello,
    I’m a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and for an assignment we needed to look through blogs for my education class. I found the concept of this page very intriguing! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for commenting Zach! I have actually been to Presque Isle when I was the Assistant Director of Admission at Southern New Hampshire University! Let me know if you have any questions about our program!

  4. Hey! I’m another student at UMPI who is commenting on this page for an assignment. I like the concept of this sort of blog. It’s really cool that students can show what they’re doing for assignments through their blogs.

  5. Hi Everyone. My name is Matt and I am a student at the University of Maine at Orono. I am in the process of beginning my student teaching and have been exploring, in depth, the use of blogs in high schools. I just wanted to comment on how well-organized and how well of a set-up I thought this blog had. The central hub, with individual blogs, is (in my opinion) the way to do it. Keep blogging!!!!!

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