2016 Student Blogs

2016 Help Desk staff (1)

Each member of the Help Desk program maintains a personal blog which serves as their digital portfolio for the semester. Student blogs feature the following categories:

  1. About Me
  2. Weekly Reflections
  3. Edtech Training
  4. Individual Learning Endeavors
  5. App Reviews

Student blogs are public and are therefore shared with a global audience. This provides students with an authentic way to build their professional network, demonstrate their understanding of digital citizenship as well as their technical skills and knowledge. Please feel free to view and comment on the Help Desk members’ blogs. We welcome you to share their posts with the members of your school community.

Caroline Akerley
Don Boermeester
Josh Boulos
Chandler Joyce
Adam Princiotta
Dharini Kapadia
Shivank Shukla
Lucas Townsend
Jillian Peluso
Quentin Inglis
Jhymon Moodie
Timmy Sullivan


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