Branching Out with STEM: Parent Tech Night


BPS Edtech Team & Help Desk students connecting with parents during Branching Out with STEM

The March Tech Savvy Parenting night provided Burlington families with information on the benefits of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. A wide array of STEM resources and links for students of all grade levels were shared by members of the BPS Edtech team. Parents learned about the Burlington Public Schools STEM curriculum, as well as specific STEM-related projects students have completed, including Hour of Code activities. Parents of high school students were provided with valuable resources on how to assist their children with researching STEM focused college majors, in and outside of the state of Massachusetts. They also learned about the job outlook (including projected salary information) for students graduating with a degree in a STEM. Specific information about engaging girls in STEM was also provided. The evening concluded with students from the Help Desk program assisting families with completing an Hour of Code. The presentation from the evening is embedded below and contains live links to the resources shared. Branching Out with STEM was another fun and exciting Tech Savvy Parenting Night, part of the BPS Edtech Digital Bootcamp Series, and on behalf of the BPS Edtech team, I’d like to thank the parents and students who attended as well as the Help Desk staff members who provided assistance during the Family Hour of Code. Stay tuned for future Tech Savvy Parenting events!

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