Help Desk Live Episode 30-Open Education Resources

Episode 30 of Help Desk Live features former BPS EdTech Team member and current U.S. Open Education Advisor Andy Marcinek. The conversation, co-hosted by Help Desk student Don Boermeester, centered around the use of open education resources as well as Creative Commons and the U.S. Office of EdTech’s initiative to help school districts nation wide “Go Open.” Andy shared both the advantages of using OER as well as some of the greatest challenges educators face when transitioning from a traditional textbook to high quality, copyright free, digital instructional materials and curriculum. He also provided us with several examples of companies that are building OER resources and tools for K-12 educators including Amazon and Edmodo. Edmodo Spotlight is currently live and features free and open resources for elementary, middle, and high school teachers covering a wide range of content areas. Amazon’s product is scheduled to be released soon. Andy also mentioned that educators and school district leaders can follow the latest developments in OER by following the Twitter hashtag #GoOpen. The entire episode is embedded below and it has already received over 875 views in less than 24 hours! This episode is a must watch for any school leadership team that is considering the transition to a shared culture of teaching and learning by leveraging the use of openly licensed educational resources.

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