2020-21 First Semester Blogs

It’s hard to believe we are already in November. Some of these blogs are a work in progress, but we hope you enjoying hearing what the Help Desk has been doing the past month and a half. It feels like we are just getting started, but we’re working on some exciting things and looking forward to showing you more over the course of the semester and the year.

1st period Help Desk 

Cohort A

Anthony Dalessio – https://tonydalessio.weebly.com/

Griffin Doiron – https://3035415.wixsite.com/helpdeskblog

Ryan Gedick – https://itstheblogimade.weebly.com/ 

Sophie Joyce – https://sophiejoyce24.weebly.com/ (draft)

Cohort B

Lucas Magliozzi – lucasdrone.weebly.com

Meet Patel- https://meetpatel4145.wixsite.com/website

Joe Perna – https://jpwrestle02.wixsite.com/mysite

Colby Pigott – coming soon

Adam Rabbani – https://helpdesk2021ar.weebly.com/

Nicholas Reyes – https://nickreyeshelpdesk.weebly.com/

2nd period Help Desk 

Cohort A

Zachary Aloisi – https://zachaloisi.weebly.com/

Ahmed Baig – https://ahmed2baig.weebly.com/

Tanner Cody – https://tannercody.weebly.com/

Paul D’Eramo – https://paulderamo.weebly.com/

Cole Frieden – https://colef327.wixsite.com/mysite

Cohort B

JP Nemoda – coming soon

Shawn Pinkham – https://shawnpinkham.weebly.com/

Mason Robson – https://masonrobsonhelpdesk.weebly.com/

Cameron Soda – coming soon

Connor Sousa – coming soon

Cohort C

William Franz – https://williamfranzhelpdeskblog.weebly.com/

Samuel Norman – https://snorman.tech/

4th Period (Intro to Game Design)

Cohort A

Bryan Bottigliio – https://bryansgamedesign.weebly.com/

Richard Cromwell – https://gamedesignrichardcromwell.blogspot.com/ 

Anthony Elkins – https://anthonyelkins.weebly.com/

Georgish Hussain – https://georgishgamedesign.weebly.com/

Cohort B

Rachad Mesnaoui – coming soon

Colby Pigott – coming soon

Dominic Porter – https://sites.google.com/bps121.org/domporter/home

Tyler Williams – https://tylerwilliamsgamedesign.blogspot.com/

Jonathan Wolinski – https://sites.google.com/bps121.org/jonathanwolinskigamedesign/home

Cohort C

Aymaan Shaikh – https://sites.google.com/bps121.org/aymaansgamedesign/home

LiAm Wexelblat – coming soon

5th period Help Desk 

Cohort A

Harun Ahmed – https://harunahmed.weebly.com/

Griffin Carter – https://griffinbhsblog.weebly.com/

Adam Cobuzzi-Luecke – https://211420helpdesk.weebly.com/

Jack Jay – https://jackjayblog.weebly.com/

Anas Khalifa – https://3019510.wixsite.com/website

Kenneth Kilfoyle – https://kjrkilfoyle5.wixsite.com/website

Cohort B

Matthew Pinkham – https://2173744.wixsite.com/mysite-2

Cohort C

Avnish Rembhotkar – https://avnishr.weebly.com/

6th period Help Desk 

Cohort A

Harun Ahmed – see 5th period

Nicholas Cervone – https://2213702.wixsite.com/website

Richard Cromwell – https://helpdeskrichardcromwell.blogspot.com/   

Nolan Kelleher – https://npk123.weebly.com/

Cohort B

Sean Malone – https://2163905.wixsite.com/seanmhelpdesk

Sean McLaughin – https://smclaughlin03.weebly.com/

Michael Romulus – https://sites.google.com/view/michaelrom/home

Nicholas Silva – https://303468.wixsite.com/website

Cohort C

Orion Golden – https://22195016.wixsite.com/website

Joseph Nee – https://joenee.weebly.com/

7th Period Comp. Sci. Independent Study

Cohort A

Carlos Coche – https://carloshelpdesk.weebly.com (draft)

Cohort B

John Peluso – https://johnpeluso.weebly.com/

Thomas Porter – https://thomasjporter.weebly.com/


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