2019-20 First Semester Blogs

These are the blogs that Help Desk students have been working on so far this semester. There are a few that will be coming soon once we work out some technical issues. Our blogs serve as a sort of a digital portfolio or reflection, and students can also write about tech topics and do product reviews in their blogs. I hope you enjoy reading about their experiences so far.

2nd Period 

Arian Askari – https://arianaskari010.wixsite.com/website

Hari Biji – https://2007214.wixsite.com/tech42day

Dominic D’Angelo – https://3003370.wixsite.com/website

Justin Joby – https://justinstechnologyblog.wordpress.com

Kenneth Kilfoyle – https://kjrkilfoyle5.wixsite.com/website

Stefan Kolesnik –  https://stefanhelpdesk.wordpress.com/

Gage Melberg – https://gagemelberg.weebly.com/ 

Derek Webb – https://derekhelpdesk.wordpress.com/

4th Period 

Sameeha Baig – https://sites.google.com/bps121.org/help-desk-blog/home

Sophie Craig – https://sophielc.weebly.com/

William Franz – https://williamfranzhelpdeskblog.weebly.com/

Shae Gallagher – https://shaegallagherhelpdesk.weebly.com

CJ Mathieson – https://cjhelpdesk.weebly.com 

Jake McCauley – https://2059406.wixsite.com/website-1

Anthony Semeraro – https://asemeraro.weebly.com

Luke Shannon – https://lukeshelpdeskblog.weebly.com

Robert Smith – https://robertsmithhelpdesk.weebly.com/

5th Period

Doug Bibbo – https://20072062.wixsite.com/bibbohelpdesk

Sean Culhane – https://20200027.wixsite.com/website

Seamus Gallagher – https://2033803.wixsite.com/mysite

Sam Gillis – https://sammygillis5.wixsite.com/mysite

Tyler Norden – https://206720.wixsite.com/tyler

Nickolas (Niko) Perfetti – https://nikostefanos.weebly.com/blog

Matt Pinkham – (blog coming soon)

Cameron Washisko – https://20946023.wixsite.com/mysite

Kevin Weng – https://2095307.wixsite.com/website

6th Period

Bobby Aloisi – https://bobbylobby.weebly.com/

Isaac Borcates – https://isaacbhstech.weebly.com/

Kevin Chen – https://kevintechblog482983533.wordpress.com

Paul D’Eramo – https://paulderamo.weebly.com/

Brooke Hovasse – https://brookehelpdesk.wordpress.com/

Sean Kelleher – https://seantechblog.weebly.com/

Dylan Lechner – https://dlechner.weebly.com

Alexander Leguisamon – https://alexbhstech.weebly.com/

Nicholas Reyes – https://nickreyeshelpdesk.weebly.com/

AJ Welch – https://ajwelchhelpdesk.weebly.com/

7th Period

Dakota Ellis – (blog coming soon)

Timothy Goneau – https://timgoneau.weebly.com

Ryan Lubanski – https://ryanlubanski.wixsite.com/techblog

Matthew Luz – https://luzmatthew7.wixsite.com/website

Samuel Norman – https://snorman.tech

Prima Patel – https://primapatel.weebly.com/

Jayson Poland –  https://jaysonpoland.weebly.com

Shawn Scott – https://shawnscotthelpdesk.blogspot.com/

Joseph Vigliotta – https://josephvigliotta.weebly.com

Kenan Wilson – https://helpdeskwilson.weebly.com



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