Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for the iPad

By Michael Lockney

Google Search App: Free

Features: Google search, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, News, Google+, Reader, Photos, Translate, Voice, Offers, Finance, Earth, Books, Blogger, and Currents. In addition Goggles (Picture search). All of these come together to create one of the most efficient and useful apps in the App Store. The ability to check Gmail and and your Google Docs wherever you go allows the organization of everything you have in the palm of your hand. Google Search brings any information you could ever need right to your iPad. The other included features help any user efficiently navigate everything Google has to offer. Voice search and Google Goggles make learning easier by allowing you to scan any picture or say anything and have Google search for it immediately. Step by step instructions will be provided in the future.

Google Drive App: Free

Google Drive allows access to all Google Drive/ Google Docs documents made and shared by/with you. You are able to open, rename, and share all documents that you have created with other people. A brand new update now allows users the ability to edit all documents you have made and any documents shared with you. Being able to edit and share any and all documents brings productivity to a whole new level. Creating new folders and sharing them on the go makes organization as easy as ever. Step by step instructions will be provided in the the future.

Evernote: Free

Evernote allows you to take notes via the iPad anywhere you go. It also allows access to all notes via desktop website. You can edit and create notes basically wherever you go. You can insert pictures or take pictures with the iPad camera for better notes. Voice notes are also an option by recording your voice and listening back at anytime. This is a great application for storing notes that are needed at both school and home and it keeps everything in one place for easy access on the go. Never miss an opportunity to take notes, even on the go. Step by step instructions will be provided in the future.


DropBox allows you to take documents, pictures, and videos anywhere you go. This is a fantastic application for organizing all of your data and being able to access it on the go. Whether accessing at home or on the go, all of your information is there for you. Organize all of your documents however you’d like in convenient folders. Share them with whomever you’d like to optimize your learning and organization abilities with others. Step by step instructions will be provided in the future.

Flipboard: Free

Flipboard for the iPad and the iPhone is a very useful app used to organize news and social media all in one place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, News, Sports, Technology, etc. are all accessible in this one place. Organize all of your interests within individual tabs, making navigating a breeze. Whatever your interests, there will be a category that covers it. You can even create a tab with all of your timelines in one. Tweets, Facebook status updates, and Instagram pictures all show up in one place. No need to flip between apps when they can all be brought together in one simple aesthetically pleasing. Flipboard is your one stop application for the latest news.  Step by step instructions will be provided in the future.

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