An App for Discounted and Free Apps

By Gabe Medina

Ever wanted those paid apps, but just don’t want to spend $4.99 or $0.99? Or, sometimes just wish that those expensive apps that seem really cool, drop down 2 or 3 bucks? Well believe it or not, theres an app for that!

Many apps actually, but one of the best apps to do this is AppsFire.  This app updates daily with all of the apps that become on sale for a limited time and apps that become free for a limited time. This makes it possible for those of us who like to save money, to do so easily, and still get one of those apps that has a little more features than the
free ones. Not only that, but this app has many cool
features to help you out.

  • Categories –  The AppsFire app has different categories for all the apps it has to offer.  Such as…
  • Best of Now Free (which shows the top rated apps from all the categories and displays in an easy to see feed),
  • Games, Entertainment, Utilities, and all the rest of them.  You have the option to switch these for different categories.  So suppose you don’t have a use for entertainment apps? You can switch them for say sports apps.

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