iPad Mini Rumors

By RJ Dalton

There are growing rumors that the iPad mini coud be on its way.  It would feature a 7- inch screen and include all of the current functions of iPhone/ iPad. The blog below makes a bold statement saying that production has started and that it would not have retina display.  These rumors have been around since the release of the iPad 2.

Image: http://cdn.macrumors.com/article-new/2012/09/ipad_ipad_mini_mockup_iphone_2.jpg

Apple is trying to compete with the new Android tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD. I think it will be the PERFECT tablet at that size and all the same ease of use and as iPad and iphone.

Cnet has rumors that it will be 7.85 inch screen and possible starting at $299. Another rumor from Techbuffalo: has said that it will be wi-fi only also believe that it will either be released late in 2012 or will be in early 2013.  The are saying it maybe be to early to release it due to the recent drop of iPhone 5 and they won’t want to fight with that.

I feel that if the iPad mini is released and is at the price above that it would blow all other tablet sales out of the water.  But there is reason to believe that it will be more expensive due to the fact that the 5th generation iPod touch is also selling at $299 right now.  It wouldn’t make much sense to release a bigger better device at the same price point.

This will take the tablet market to a whole new level!

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