The Evernote Series Part I: Inserting pictures into your notes

By: Hannah Lienhard

The Evernote series will be a compilation of different tasks you can perform as well as features that Evernote offers. Think of it as Evernote: A how-to guide.

Inserting Pictures into your Evernote Document
how to do just that..

Step One:
Open your Evernote document. I am not patronizing you – just making sure everyone (of all levels) is on board.

Step Two:
You have two options for this step. Either you can take a picture while you are taking the notes or you insert a picture into your document from your saved photos.

Taking a picture while in Evernote:
Select featured icon below in the picture…


Inserting a picture from your camera roll:
Select featured icon.

Step Three:
Continue taking notes.


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