Aerospace Technology

Lately there have been many new advancements in the air\space industry.Here is a video on the new rocket from Space X. The new rocket is called the grasshopper. Why? Well simply because it hops off the ground. It goes 17.7 feet off the ground then sets itself right back down where it left off . What his company plans to do is have the rocket go much higher and hover around 100 feet off the ground. Watch it in action here!

Now this video is not of a hopping rocket, but of a new kind of plane from Boeing. Boeing is a big company that make all kinds of airplanes. This video is a model of a personal plane they might build.It is called the BWB or blended wing body. It has three small jets on the top. This is an experimental aircraft that is not a full size plane. It is a subsonic airplane, which means it can not go faster the speed of sound. This new experiment is trying lower fuel usage and since the three jets are above the fuselage, it is 50 decibels quieter than a regular airplane. Watch this video to learn more!

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