Workflowy app review

Ever find yourself unorganized and flustered with daily tasks? Your problem is solved.  Workflowy is an online tool to help keep your life organized.  Workflowy has also developed an app for all of your IOS devices for on-the-go!  Workflowy allows you to make a list of any tasks that need to be completed.  For any details on that task you can make sub pages for each item to go into elaboration.  example- your daily tasks include grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the house.  You simply create this list.  After creating your list, select the task you would like to add to this allows you to name your task, and take individual steps to make sure that all of your tasks get done right and right on time.Image


As you can see above I have a list that is titled “Mow the lawn” which is my main task.  a detail to that task would to be “get gas” which is indicated on a sub menu.  Then the third task is to get the right gasoline which is indicated in another sub menu.  This app is a great app for keeping your thoughts in line and organized.  This app is also a great tool for note taking being able to organize your notes into single subjects followed by mandatory assignments and the steps it takes to complete the assignments.

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