gMusic: Music on the Google Cloud and on iDevices

By Yash Kamani

The new iOS 6 update reminded us iPad/iDevice users about the limited storage we have on our devices. Here at the school our standard iPads have 16GB of storage. With apps and music many students fill up their storage fairly quickly.

Slowly, but steadily our technology world is moving towards the cloud. We all know about dropbox for our files and many students use dropbox to backup photos and notes.
What if we could put all of our music in the cloud? There is no need to save music on our iPads or phones anymore.

Apple offers a service known as iTunes Match. This service will take all of your music into the cloud and users will have access to it on all of your iDevices anytime you have Internet connectivity. The service is integrated through the “music” app on iDevices. It is seamless and has been proven to work very effectively. The drawback to this service is the cost. Apple charges users $25.00 every year for this service.

An alternative is Google Play. Anyone with a google account now has the ability to upload 20,000 songs to their Google account for free. This music will then be available to them wherever, whenever. This service works seamlessly with android powered devices. For us iDevice users a nifty little third party app does the trick.

This third party app is available for both iPhone/iPod and iPad and works pretty well. As with all third party apps it can be buggy at times, but for the most part it is a fully functioning music player with lock screen shortcuts and a full library

First Navigate to “” on your browser on your computer
and log into your google account on the website

Now click on the “My Music” tab located on the drop down bar

You will be greeted to this screen if it is your first time trying out Google Play Music:
Click on “Agree and Next”

Now click on “Download Music Manager” this will download the Google Play Music Manager to your computer and will allow you to upload music to your google play cloud

Once the manager has downloaded and installed on your computer open it up and you will see this screen: click on “continue”

Now enter in your google ID, NOTE: your school google account will work with this but we advise you to use your personal account

Now Google Play will ask you if you want to automatically upload music that you add to your itunes Library to Google Play in the future.

The Program will now minimize itself and start uploading your whole itunes library to the Google Play Cloud. It will be done in the background and you can use the computer to do anything else while it is still uploading. Just don’t turn the computer off until it is done uploading.

Now, If you navigate to you should see all your music. Your playlists, albums and artists will also all be imported from itunes.

Now we have to set up our third party app on the iDevice. “Gmusic” is available on the Appstore for free, and works relatively well.

Go to your appstore and search for “gmusic” in the search bar located on the top right hand corner or your screen

This is what the app should look like. Go ahead and click the download or install button. Note: there are other apps available that serve the same purpose but right now this is the only one we have tested and used.
Open up the app once it downloads and enter in your google account information. Make sure it is the same account that you used to upload the music from your computer.

Once you log in you should be greeted by this screen. All your music should be displayed.
If you click on the

This app works like the built in music app in the sense that lock screen shortcuts work, and the music will continue playing even when the iDevice is locked. Please let us know if you have any issues with this tutorial or with the app in general. As all third party apps it can be a little buggy but it’s still a great tool for kids looking to store a lot of music with not enough space left on their devices.

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