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Mrs. Susan Price is a member of the BHS Foreign Language Department and a BHS alumni, class of 1976. Mrs. Price teaches both French and Spanish courses. She is a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who cares deeply about her students and creating engaging, meaningful learning experiences for them. What’s so inspiring about Mrs. Price is her willingness to try new technology. However, she doesn’t just use technology for technology’s sake, and I know this for a fact.

It must have been the first or second week of school and I noticed about a dozen students scattered throughout the Lower Library area of Burlington High School. Some had iPads, others had notebooks and pencils. There was a bit of commotion and my curiosity was piqued. I heard music, laughter, and a language I had studied years ago…French. I left the Help Desk and went out into the Lower Library area to investigate further. I approached a group of students who were in the midst of a performance. Four students were rapping in French while another recorded them from her iPad; they had memorized their lines and their accents were spot on. I watched the students do several takes because they weren’t satisfied with their first attempt. They wanted their recording to be perfect.

Since that first or second week of school, I have continued to observe Mrs. Price in action, albeit has been from afar since our schedules are quite opposite and the day seems to go by in an instant. But, what I have seen continues to amaze me. Mrs. Price fully integrates technology into her classes to help her students learn a foreign language. She uses Edmodo, Dropbox, Blogger, ShowMe, Educreations, Explain Everything, Puppet Pals, Story Kit, Google Drive, and has developed her French III class using Net Text. And those are just a few of the examples she has shared with me.

I know her plans include using as many innovative technology tools as possible because she is always willing to try something new in her classroom. In a word, she is remarkable and a role model for educators everywhere. I am proud to be her colleague and wanted to recognize her efforts and feature her on the Teacher Profile page for the month of September.

Susan earned her Master’s degree in Education in 2012 from Northeastern University and was inducted into the Sigma Epsilon RHO Honor Society. She was inspired to pursue this degree by Patrick Larkin, the BHS principal at the time, and she is dedicated to ongoing professional development. Susan exemplifies what it means to be a 21st century educator and BHS is lucky to have her as a member of their faculty!


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