Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac, PC, and Chromebooks

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Editor’s Note: I am pleased to introduce first year Help Desk staff member junior Danny Piotti. Danny’s introduction to Help Desk began last Friday when he served as co-host of Help Desk Live-Episode 2. This week, Danny is making his first contribution to the Help Desk blog by providing a useful guide on keyboard shortcuts for MAC’s and PC’s. Danny recently taught himself how to use Photoshop and created the graphic shown to the right. Because he enjoys learning new technology, Danny plans to learn how to code as a part of his Individual Learning Endeavor. In just a few short weeks, Danny has already proven to be an asset to Help Desk. In addition to being a strong student, Danny is also a member of the BHS Varsity Hockey team.

Danny Piotti BHS Class of 2015

Danny Piotti
BHS Class of 2015

Keyboard shortcuts are useful commands that expedite common operations on a computer. Most keyboard shortcuts are just a combination of a few keys. Keyboard shortcuts are not always universal on all operating systems though which can become confusing and frustrating. This blog post contains a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac, PC, and Chrome operating systems and is perfect if you constantly find yourself switching between devices and are looking for a simple guide to help learn new shortcuts.

Click here for Mac shortcuts
Click here for PC shortcut
Click here for Chromebook shortcuts

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