Help Desk Live Episode 7: Drew Minock- Two Guys With iPads

Drew Minock @techminok joins Help Desk Live

Drew Minock @techminok joins Help Desk Live

Join us live on Friday, March 21st from 12:45 to 1:15 EST for episode 7 of Help Desk Live. We will be talking with Drew Minock, an enthusiastic elementary teacher, technology trainer, keynote speaker and co-founder of the blog Two Guys With iPads. We’ll talk with Drew about his commitment to providing educators with ideas and resources on how to effectively leverage the iPad in the classroom. We’ll specifically discuss augmented reality, Google Glass, and a variety of other “game changing apps.” This episode comes at the perfect time, since we’ve recently discovered the power and potential of augmented reality in an educational setting. We’re excited to talk with Drew and learn more about how this type of technology can be used in multiple content areas and grade levels. The link to the Live Hangout can be found here and the episode will be streaming live on the Help Desk YouTube Channel. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

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