Student Run Tech Teams: Help Desk Live-Episode 12

Join us tomorrow for Help Desk Live Episode 12. Help Desk junior Mira Mehdi will be hosting the show and discussing student-run tech teams with Geoff St. Cyr and Jonathan Werner.

Geoff oversees a k-5 student-run tech team in Belfast, Maine and starting in the fall of 2014, Jonathan will be running a high-school level tech team in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Both Geoff and Jonathan’s students will be participating in tomorrow’s Hangout and will discuss with Mira how their teams were formed and how they assist their school community with technology integration in the classroom. Mira and I will also be discussing how the Help Desk program has evolved over this past year and what we hope to accomplish in 2014-2015.

The show will stream live on the Help Desk YouTube channel. We hope you will be able to catch the 12th episode.

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