The Spotlight’s on Burlington: Help Desk Live Episode 14

Friday, May 30th is the 14th episode of Help Desk Live, Season One. For the final episode (stay tuned for a possible bonus episode in June) I am excited to put the spotlight on Burlington and the exceptional work our elementary and middle school teachers have been doing in their 1:1 classrooms. I’ll be talking with fourth grade teacher Tara Olshaw from Memorial Elementary School as well as Carolyn Crowley, sixth grade math teacher and Barbara Sturtevant, sixth grade social studies teacher from Marshall Simonds Middle School.

The episode will feature an up close and personal look at a 1:1 classroom. Join me as we discuss the integration of the iPad, digital workflow, Google Drive, and digital communication tools being using with students and parents, including the use of social media. If you teach at the elementary or middle school level and are transitioning to a 1:1 environment, this is definitely a conversation you don’t want to miss. The live broadcast will begin at 9:30 a.m. EST. If you can’t watch live, you’ll be able to watch episode 14 and any of our previous episodes at your convenience by visiting the Help Desk YouTube channel. 




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