iOS 8: Coming This Fall!

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Apple fanatics and even Android fanatics (me) are very excited with the new release of iOS8 which was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2. A beta version of the software was made available to developers that same day, with a public launch set for the fall of 2014. Although Apple kept the design of iOS 8 the same as iOS 7, they have managed to improve all the right aspects with this new update and it is bound to be a big hit with consumers.

Cool New Features! 

  • Keyboard – It’s about time that Apple opened up their keyboard to developers. With iOS 8, users will be able to download keyboard applications such as SwiftKey, which is currently my favorite keyboard application for Android. With third-party keyboards, the keyboard will be smarter than ever with the ability to predict exactly what you want text to someone based on previous texts you have sent to that specific person.IOS8 Keyboard
  • Location-based Lock Screen – iOS 8 gets smart with its ability to present applications to you on the bottom left-hand corner of your lock screen based what application you are most likely to use in that location.IOS8 Location
  • Spotlight Search – Apple’s search tool gets much more use with its ability to present you with information pulled from different applications on your phone such as the web, messages, contacts and other applications.  IOS8 Spotlight
  • Interactive Notifications – You will now be able to interact with your notifications on the screen that you are on before you get that notification which makes your smartphone use much more productive by preventing you from having to constantly switch screens. For instance if you are searching the web and you get a text, you can respond to that text right there without switching applications.IOS8 Notifications
  • Battery Life – The battery life for iOS 8 is supposed to be improved from iOS 7.
  • Notes – You will now be able to add photos and format the text in your notes to make them more useful.IOS8 Notes
  • Widgets – You will now be able to customize widgets which can be seen in the notification center when you drag down from the top of your screen. These widgets will be interactive and easy to use just like the ones on the Android platform.IOS8 Widgets
  • Photos – As a selfie obsessed nation, who isn’t for the updates in iOS 8 to the photos app and the new iCloud photo library? For those of you who can’t wait, you can get some of the new photo features now according to Cult of Mac including Photowerks, KeyCam, Mattebox, and Frameographer

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Final Thoughts 

I am very much looking forward to the release of iOS 8 coming the fall of 2014. Apple has not made any dramatic changes from iOS 7, but they have undoubtedly added some cool new features which should make your experience on your iPhone / iPad more smooth and far more productive than iOS 7.

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