Screencasting Best Practices

Over the past week, Help Desk students have been busy managing walk-in visits to the Help Desk from students along with their first formal and relatively structured assignment. A major aspect of the Help Desk curriculum requires students to create tutorials demonstrating the use and functionality of various web tools and applications. Because most students have never created a screencast, I decided it would be beneficial for them to conduct research on screencasting and created a two part project for them to complete  (feel free to adapt the project I created if you’d like your students to complete a similar project). The first part of the project required students to define and identify the characteristics of a high quality screencast, list the types of equipment needed to make one, and articulate what they were going to do to ensure their screencast would be of the highest quality possible. The second part of the project, which they will work on next week, will required them to create their own screencast, hopefully on a new feature of iOS 8.

Below are direct links to several student submissions that I received today that I wanted to share with our readers. As a result of this project, students have a comprehensive understanding of screencasting and will be able to create their own.

Michael Seleman- Learning Fast With Screencast
Hammad Sadiq- Week 4: Screencasting More like Movie Lesson
Prateek Rana- Screencasting Part 1- The Learning Novice
Kelsey Daniels O’Brien- What is a Screencast?
TJ Horgan- Screencast Fast
Nathan Rippin- Classy Casting Part One
Kristin Johnson- Stay Ahead of the Game



One thought on “Screencasting Best Practices

  1. Great idea. I’m fascinated by your help desk course and appreciate you sharing so much about it publicly. I am interested in looking at the screencast project document you linked to in this post, but it is not publicly available. I’m not sure if that was your intent.

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