Google Classroom Tutorials for TEACHERS by STUDENTS

Editor’s Note: Over the past few weeks, Help Desk students have been able to experience Google Classroom from the teacher perspective. A classroom named “Student Genius Bar” was created and the Help Desk students were assigned the role of teacher for this class. Students then created basic tutorials (essentially flipped lessons) on how to use Classroom. These tutorials were uploaded to each student’s YouTube channel and embedded in the EdTech Training category of each of their individual blogs. The Help Desk students are now capable of not only assisting their peers with Classroom, but they now understand the teacher side of Classroom and can offer their help to any BHS teacher who is integrating Google Classroom as part of his or her digital workflow.

Assisting with BPS Remote Learning (formerly Blizzard Bags) 

Ultimately, because of their hands-on experience, Help Desk students will be able to support the BPS EdTech team as we continue to promote the creation of blended learning opportunities. Students have already gained experience creating screencasts using QuickTime, the native screencasting tool on a MAC, however for the screencasts embedded below, students used the simple and intuitive Google Chrome extension Screencastify. In upcoming tutorials, students will use Screen-Cast-O-Matic, Snag It, and Explain Everything.

By the end of the first semester, students will create reviews on each screencasting tool they have explored. They will compare and contrast each tool, highlight the advantages and disadvantages and explain the features and benefits of each tool. Our goal in the Help Desk is to create a comprehensive resource guide featuring a variety of high quality technology tools (suitable for use on a MAC, Chromebook, or iPad) that teachers can use to create blended or flipped lessons. We hope to make this guide available by the end of January so stay tuned!

Josh Boulos-
A comprehensive overview. Perfect for Classroom Beginners!

Joe Kim- Moving assignments to the top of the steam & adding announcements

Kevin Lynch- Using the Question feature in Google Classroom

Don Boermeester -Creating & Posting an Assignment

Henry Lutwama- Attaching a Form in Google Classroom


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