Grade Lightning Fast with Flubaroo

Grading student work can be extremely time consuming. However, with the use of the Flubaroo add-on in Google Sheets, grading student tests, quizzes, or formative assessments can be completed in record time, and the best part of Flubaroo is that it is very simple to learn. To use this powerful script, you first want to create a quiz using Google Forms.

Step 1: Create Your Quiz Using Google Forms

The first screencast shown below provides you with a quick walk through of how to create a quiz using Forms. The tutorial has been designed for someone who has never used Forms before. In this demo, I walk you through naming your quiz, adding and editing questions, and sending your live form to your students so they can complete the quiz.

An Overview of Google Forms: 

Flubaroo Add-On in Google Sheets:

For those of you who are familiar with Google Forms, the screencast below will walk you through the step by step process of using the Sheets add-on Flubaroo. You will learn how to install and run the add-on and see how simple it is to grade student quizzes using the Flubaroo script. If you need further assistance with this add-on, please email me or visit us in the Help Desk for a one on one walk through.

Please note: if you automatically collect your students’ user names once they submit the form, they will have the option to receive a copy of their form submission via email. What this means is that they will receive a copy of the quiz questions. To prevent this from happening, deselect automatically collect user names and instead include a question on the form for students to manually enter their email addresses.






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