Google’s Top Contributor Talks with BHS Help Desk

Help Desk Live Season 2: Episode 19

In Help Desk Live-Episode 19, Timmy Sullivan, a junior and first-year member of the Help Desk, had the pleasure to talk with Ziggy Dziegman.

Ziggy is a Top Contributor and Rising Star on Google Product Forums, Google’s official discussion boards for users to ask questions and report troubles with Google services and products.  His primary jobs on the forums involve assisting users with questions as well as escalating bugs and feedback on the Docs, Drive, Education, Hangouts, Nexus, and Wear forums.  He also created and manages the Google Docs and Drive Google+ Community  which currently boasts 35,000+ members and is a moderator for the Google Classroom Community on Google+ which has a membership of over 14,000 GAFE users.

During the Hangout, Ziggy discussed his background as a third year computer science major as well as his various internships involving web app development. He also spoke about the specifics of Google’s Top Contributors program and how he earned this recognition for his outstanding support in various Google Product Forms. Functioning almost as a “Help Desk” for GAFE, Ziggy first began offering advice and support to users of Google Docs and Drive back in 2011. Since then, he has become a valuable resource for users of Google Apps for Education all over the world and has most recently offered his support to users of Google Classroom. Ziggy shared that since it’s release, the Classroom iOS app has received positive feedback and has been designed to seamlessly integrate the Drive and Classroom interfaces. He revealed that the About Page in the app is coming soon and that Google engineers are working to continuously add new features. Users of Classroom should also stay tuned for a Hangout On Air featuring members of the Classroom team who will be sharing how they analyze user feedback to set their priorities in terms of the development and release of new features. As soon as we hear the official date and time of this Live Hangout we’ll be sure to share! Finally, Ziggy talked about the advantages and unique benefits of using Google+ for professional learning for educators, particularly the ability to easily engage in productive conversations and have technical questions answered.

The entire 15 minute Hangout is embedded below and we hope you’ll take some time to view it and share it among the GAFE users in your community.

Congratulations to Timmy for doing an outstanding job facilitating his first Live Hangout On Air!


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