Free App Friday: Google Keep

So far, our Free App Friday series has featured the video creation app Adobe Clip and the organizational app 30/30. Today’s Free App Friday recommendation is the device agnostic and super awesome Google Keep.

“Your thoughts, wherever you are”

The web version of Keep has been available for awhile, but it’s now available for both iPad and iPhone and is a must add app for busy GAFE using students and teachers. Oddly enough, many people haven’t heard about Keep but we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely worth installing on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. With Keep, users can add notes, create (and check-off) to-do lists, add photos and audio notes, and set up reminders. Items in Google Keep are synced across all your devices and can be organized with custom created labels and colors. They can also be searched, are automatically saved, and can be shared with others. Another powerful feature of Keep is that lists can be copied to Google Docs. For students, this means they could begin creating an outline for an essay or a lab report in Keep and then send that list to Docs where they can continue creating and editing on a different device.

Keep is the ultimate tool for students to use to stay on top of all their academic, extracurricular, and personal responsibilities. Keep is also great for teachers who need to stay on track with their lesson planning, grading, meetings, and appointments. Of course Keep’s collaboration features are what distinguish it from many other applications. As mentioned earlier, Keep is available for iPhone and iPad, we here in the Help Desk feel that it’s an application everyone in Burlington Public Schools should install.

Google Keep on the Web:

Web version of Google Keep.

Web version of Google Keep.

Google Keep on the iPad & iPhone 


Notes and lists can be labeled and color coded for increased organization


Give Google Keep a try today!

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