Student Blogs 2015-2016

Help Desk students are responsible for maintaining their own personal blogs which feature reflections on the skills and knowledge they are developing throughout the course. Student blogs also contain educational technology training resources, app reviews, and individual learning endeavor updates.

Please take some time to explore the blogs of the Help Desk students. They look forward to engaging in conversation with you and responding to your comments!

Timmy Sullivan
Josh Boulos
Joe Kim
Kevin Lynch
Noel Goulette
Henry Lutwama
Don Boermeester

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2 thoughts on “Student Blogs 2015-2016

  1. I see some of your students are using Weebly and some are using WordPress for thier blogs As a school with a 1:1 iPad program, I’m wondering if most students who keep blogs work on them using the iPad or end up using a computer. If a significant number of students blog using the iPad, what blogging site do they find the most reliable to use and do they use an app with it?

    As a Google Apps for Education school, we’ve used Google Sites for a few projects and a few classes are starting with Blogger for this year. A few students have also chosen Weebly when they could pick the tool themselves. While the iPad as been a great tool for the middle-school students in our iPad 1:1, the mobile web browser and apps for collaborative/public tools for websites and blogs still have some limitations and are sometimes are a little clumsier than using a full computer browser.

    Thanks for sharing so mucho of the the work you and your students do on you blog. I’ve been following you for a couple of years and find it helpful.

    • Hi Bill, most of our students use the computer to write their blogs. If they do use their iPad the word press or blogger app tends to be their preference. Sites is difficult on the iPad.

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