Free App Friday: MyHomework

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog on BHS Help Desk senior Don Boermeester 


The app MyHomework in my eyes is the best planner app in the app store to this date. It works for Mac, iPad and iPhone and some other devices. I have three teachers that use Classroom and another three that use a website. Even though 3 of the sites are through Classroom and tell me what’s due and what’s coming up for homework, I still have to flip through those three pages and the three websites not on classroom. That makes six pages I have to flip through just to refresh my self on what I have for homework. For me, taking thirty seconds to type my assignments into MyHomework makes me feel organized and prepared without the stress of flipping through all my websites.

MyHomework is great for long term projects. Often times I find a deadline is approaching and have completely forgotten that I had an assignment due. I know this is true for many students. If you have it on more than one device you can link them to the same account and beable to see your tasks from all your devices, all you have to do is log in. High school isn’t easy so help yourself and take a little bit of the stress away while staying on task and up to date with MyHomework. It’s free and in the app store, install it today!

Check out my 4 minute screencast below that shows you how cool this app is!

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