Zap! Boom! Pow! A Book Creator iOS Update

On October 11th, Book Creator released a relatively significant update to its iOS application. Here in Burlington, teachers of many content areas and grade levels love Book Creator as it lends itself well to project-based learning, and they are very excited about this update! From high school level Anatomy courses to fifth-grade social studies classes, Book Creator is definitely what we classify as a foundational app for our students. In addition to its versatility, Book Creator allows students to demonstrate higher level creativity and design skills. When combined with Drawing Pad, another Burlington iOS favorite, Book Creator can unleash a student’s superpowers in terms of digital creations.

And speaking of superpowers…

The Book Creator update now allows students to create books that resemble comic books. Students continue to have the portrait, square, and landscape book shape options; however there are now 18 different “comic book” panel templates to choose from. Images, audio, video, shapes, text, and more can be added to each panel in the template resulting in a media-rich digital book.

Comic Book styles have arrived in Book Creator 


18 different panels are available for students to choose from


In addition to the templates, students have new text options, stickers, speech and thought bubbles, page color options, and the ability to share their book pages via a screenshot. These screenshots can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Drive, and best of all, Classroom. Screenshots of book pages can also be saved to the camera roll.

IMG_2804 (1)

New stickers give books that Marvel comic book style look and feel 


New test options include caption, title, and boom


New page designs and the ability to take and share screenshots of your book


See the new Book Creator features in action!

Check out the video tutorial below which highlights the new features in Book Creator. For any additional questions about Book Creator, or to schedule a classroom demonstration of the app, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me or a Help Desk student.

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