My Experience Green Screening

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the blog of Timmy Sullivan.

Timmy SullivanEveryone should have access to a green screen.

For the second time since its installment in Burlington High School’s lower library, I used the green screen for an iMovie project. Why it has taken me so long to do so, I have no idea; it is an incredible piece of technology. Since I frequently pass through the lower library, as well as use the space for several club meetings, I often see students using the green screen to travel through time and space. For example, students making cooking videos for Italian are transported across the Atlantic, suddenly in an authentic Italian home; physics students take a rocket ship to space, where they are sucked up by black holes; history classes attend historic events, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Last week I used the green screen to enter the CustomerBloom Scholarship Program. During Burlington’s Thanksgiving break, I dedicated some of my free time to using the space to record a video of myself answering the question, “what motivates you?” I then edited my video footage using iMovie. Again, why it has taken me so long to use iMovie, I have no idea.

Using both pieces of technology with little prior experience was exciting. I had no manual to go off of, no experience to tap in to. I was exploring. I got to experiment with all of the cool features of iMovie; I played with volume control, green screen effects, music, and overall video editing. Using the green screen was also very enjoyable; I was nervous at first that it would not work, to then be pleasantly surprised at its power.

My overall takeaway from filming my video is that technology is a powerful tool for content creation. I know many students who aspire to have a future in film and advertising, for whom the implementation of green screening technology is an incredible vehicle for research, practice, and design. In addition to serving the few who hope to enter the film and advertising business, many other students find great enjoyment from green screening. Every time I see students using the tool, they are always smiling. Who can blame them- it’s fun! Tools like the green screen are essential in fostering classroom creativity and inspiring students to think outside the box.

If you are interested in watching my scholarship video, it is embedded below:

Timmy Green Screen

2 thoughts on “My Experience Green Screening

  1. Hello, my name is Valerii.
    I am a student of Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies in Vancouver WA, also I am part of tech cadre in my school.
    I was looking through your website and I really like it, it seems like you have been working really hard on your website.
    Now, the reason I am writing this comment to you is because I and my friend (who is also a part of tech cadre in our school) want to start a website for our tech group, we have some experience in working with WordPress.
    That would be great if you gave us some suggestions so we could make our tech group website as great as yours is.

    • My apologies in replying so late to your comment. WordPress can be sort of a challenge, and a lot of what I learned was through trial and error. I think coming up with good categories so you can tag the things you post is important. I sometimes get a little confused with the various ways you can edit and customize the blog. Here is a good site for beginners:

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