November Teacher Profile- Alex Allaire

November’s teacher profile is BHS Science Teacher Alex Allaire. Mrs. Allaire has been teaching science for eleven years and has been at BHS for the past nine. She teaches freshmen physics as well as junior/senior physics. Outside the classroom, Mrs. Allaire serves as the advisor to the National Honor Society and Science Olympiad.

Since BHS became a 1:1 iPad school, Mrs. Allaire has been integrating technology in her classroom in meaningful ways and the iPad has had a positive impact on her daily instruction. Like many BHS teachers, Mrs. Allaire uses Google Classroom to distribute assignments and collect student work. In addition to Classroom, she and her students use Notability as their daily notetaking app. The ability to annote, record audio notes, and attach images are just a few of the reasons why Mrs. Allaire uses Notability. She also loves the app ClassKick. With ClassKick, Mrs. Allaire can upload a PDF with problems for her students to solve. She is able to see everything her students are doing on their iPads in real time. If students need help with a problem, they can “raise their hand” and Mrs. Allaire can offer students real-time feedback. She can also control whether or not students can see each other’s work. If a student has a question, she can enable students to help each other, yet they do not know which student asked the question. In my interview with Mrs. Allaire, which is embedded below, she states that ClassKick has contributed to a positive learning community and when speaking with her she recommended ClassKick highly, especially for math and science teachers. Finally, when incorporating video into her lessons, Mrs. Allaire’s go-to application is EdPuzzle. This tool gives Mrs. Allaire the ability to upload a video, ask her students questions, and grade student responses quickly. Prior to creating video lessons using a digital tool, students would use paper and would have to stop and rewind the video if they missed something. Now, thanks to EdPuzzle, the video stops when the question is asked and this allows students to better comprehend the material.

The video below is a must watch for schools that are considering moving to a 1:1 model. It provides a glimpse of what it’s like to be in Mrs. Allaire’s classroom. She also shares the impact the iPad has had on her instruction and ability to give students feedback. Stay tuned for December’s teacher profile!



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