There’s An App For That!

Recently, Help Desk students were assigned one of their last major projects for the first semester. The project, “There’s An App For That,” asked students to select a specific content area and research a minimum of five, free iOS applications that teachers or students could integrate in the classroom for teaching and learning. Next, students were asked to present a live demonstration of each application and provide an overview of its features and benefits. The ultimate goal was to persuade teachers and students to install the applications and make them a part of their digital toolkit. As always, Help Desk students exceeded expectations with this project and it’s a pleasure to share their final products with the readers of this blog.

Below are four of the presentations from seniors Joe Kim, Josh Boulos, and Henry Lutwama as well as junior Kevin Lynch. Joe, Josh, and Henry focused on science related applications, while Kevin presented five apps to integrate into the Spanish curriculum. Please take a few minutes to view the presentations and share them with the members of your student tech team and faculty. Additionally, we welcome your feedback about the presentations in the comments section of this post. Finally, if you are the facilitator of a student tech team and would like to design your own version of “There’s An App For That,” feel free to remix the original project and align it with the goals of your Help Desk curriculum.

Thank you for watching the student videos and supporting student voice!

Joe Kim:

Josh Boulos:

Kevin Lynch:

Henry Lutwama 

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