Free App Friday: Snapchat

This week’s Free App Friday recommendation is Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat!

We are thrilled to be launching a brand new district-wide Snapchat account and encourage all students, teachers, and parents who are Snapchat users to add us as a friend. Our Snapchat user name is burly_schools. If you are not currently active on Snapchat, fear not! As part of her Individual Learning Endeavor, Help Desk student Jillian Peluso, Class of 2019, will be publishing Snapchat tutorials so you can learn the in’s and out’s of the app. Jillian will also be collaborating with her fellow Help Desk members to create a Snapchat Guide for Teachers. This guide will give teachers ideas on creative ways to use Snapchat in the classroom.

Jillian’s first tutorial is embedded below. She demonstrates how to add the burly_school Snapchat account as a friend. Also embedded is a brief Google Hangout On Air with Dr. Marialice Curran explaining an interactive digital citizenship challenge for the month of April. We here in the Help Desk are sponsoring this challenge and we are excited to see how other schools throughout the country will experiment with how they too can use Snapchat in positive, safe, and ethical ways to create a stronger digital community. Stay tuned for more updates on how to use Snapchat and don’t forget to install the app today!


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