The Story of Storyboard That

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk student Quentin Inglis.


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The Broadcast

I had the honor of co-facilitating Help Desk Live episode 32 with my partner Shiv Shukla. In this episode we interviewed Aaron Sherman the creator ofStoryboard That, a web based tool in which you create custom storyboards that can be used for many purposes such as education, product development, and many more.

Aaron told us how he started Storyboard That and how he got to where he is today. His story is explained in the interview that you can watch for yourself below.

To summarize, Aaron worked at Vistaprint until 2012 when he broke off and began making a program that uses storyboards to organize your thoughts in a simple and concise format. The original Storyboard That was a Windows application used by businesses. The original version did not meet his expectations and he realized he had failed, so he tried again but this time he developed Storyboard That into a web based tool and it was soon discovered by educators thanks to the many blog posts by education blogger Richard Byrne. Storyboard That is now a widely recognized educational tool used by teachers and students of many content areas and grade levels.

Looking Back

He gave Shiv and I some very good advice, “Always take the job you’re most interested in. Research shows you’ll make far more money 3 years later if you take a job that you like then if you take a job that you don’t like that pays more money in a short term. Doing what you love no matter what it is, there is nothing better in life.” This line really gave me some insight on what starting a business is like and how important it is to be passionate about what you’re doing. Starting a business is hard, and this tells me that you need to be passionate about your product or it won’t go anywhere. I learned so much about entrepreneurship and how business works and I highly encourage all of you to watch this episode.

I learned a lot from this interview. I need to sit still and not move around in my chair. I need to ask more questions and voice my opinion, and I need to be more involved in the conversation. To prepare for this interview Ms. Scheffer had assigned Shiv and I to think of three questions to ask him. I had found this very difficult and in retrospect I should have done more research into his backstory and more research into the application itself.

To summarize, Storyboard That is a great tool for educational use and Aaron and his team did a wonderful job in making it into what it is today. I highly recommend that all of you use this tool because it is fun and simple to use and really can help you in the classroom.


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