Meet the 2016-17 First Semester Help Desk Staff!

It has been a great first week of school, and I have really enjoyed getting to know our diverse and knowledgeable BHS Help Desk team. As the new instructor of this group, I can honestly say that it has been exciting for me to come in every day and work with my team to serve the BHS community’s technological needs. While it has only been four days, all students have shown a great work ethic and have been learning about customer service and providing a welcoming environment to any student, teacher, or staff member who needs assistance with technology. Most of our customers so far have been incoming freshmen who need assistance with getting their iPads onto wireless networks, understanding how their BPS accounts work, creating Apple ID’s to download apps, and making sure they have Google Apps for Education and other apps required for their classroom work. The students are seeing firsthand that BHS Help Desk is a very fast-paced workplace which requires us all to function smoothly and efficiently as a team to support each other as we support the BHS community. I am thrilled that the students have done such a great job working alongside me and our amazing EdTech team. I must thank our Burlington EdTech team ( for being so patient in helping us understand all our different policies, procedures, and systems. This week, the students were asked to write a short biography to introduce themselves. I am honored to present to you this special group of students who are going to do incredible things this semester and beyond.


carl-final-pic-sized-for-siteHello, my name is Carl Larson and I am a senior at Burlington High School. Some of my interests include fishing, football, and hockey. I decided to join Help Desk because I think it will help me in my life beyond high school seeing that technology is a huge part of my everyday life. I also like the fact that I will be able to help out fellow students and even teachers with their technology troubles/questions. My career of choice would be something involving the stock market, whether it be investing for personal financial gain or as a stockbroker. Some other interesting facts about me are that I come from a family of eight (including myself) and I’ve been in the Burlington school system all my life.


eddie-apple-logoHey! My name is Eddie Reis and I am currently a senior at BHS working at Help Desk for the first time this year. I consider myself to be very proficient with anything tech-related. Having said that, I also would love to be able to help you with any and all problems you may have on your device(s). I have a huge passion for learning about the ever-growing world of technology, so I’m always up to date with new gadgets/electronics. At Burlington High, I have had the opportunity to not only continue learning about something I truly love, but I also have been able to learn how to use the technology given to us to improve my education and find new ways to learn. I am also part of BHS as a three-season athlete. In the fall I play for the Varsity Soccer team and in the winter and fall I am part of the Varsity Track team as a sprinter, hurdler, and jumper. Looking ahead in life, I plan to go to college and to major in computer science and computer engineering. I look forward to meeting and helping you with any and all problems you may have!


gabrielle-headshotHey everyone! My name is Gabrielle Civetta, and I am excited to be a part of the Help Desk team this year. I am a senior at Burlington High School, and, coincidentally, I’ve lived here for most, if not all, of my childhood. I have a broad range of hobbies, but usually in my spare time I’m reading books about subjects I’m interested in (specifically politics and religion), going on runs with my friends, or discovering and playing around with new music. This year being my last at Burlington High, I decided that I would make a good fit in the Help Desk Department. I’ve always taken an interest in technology, social media, and the Internet in general. I feel that I can be a great addition to this team. My skills with technology are continually developing and I hope that this year I can explore and expand those skills to help me with opportunities in the future. My goal is to have a positive and wide range of experiences with technology so that when I do pursue my career, I can have a strong skill set outside of the one I am pursuing. I hope to one day own my own business where I can practice psychology alongside bright, motivated individuals. In a world that is ever-changing, technology is at the forefront of them all, and is the future for connecting and building a better world. With that being said, you can connect with me through Twitter here: I am really looking forward to helping you with any problems you may have and I’m always open to answering questions!


hugo-apple-logoAs part of the Help Desk, let me introduce myself. My name is Hu Jinzhen (Hugo) and I come from China. Last year I was an exchange student in Texas, and yes, Texas is hot! Since it’s not easy to pronounce, Hugo will be my other name. I’m a senior in the class of 2017. I’m a huge fan of Apple, and I think a lot of you guys may be the same, and that’s one of reasons that I chose this class. The second reason is that I’m new here and I really want to make a lot of friends. Since a lot of you may have problems with all these devices, I maybe can get to know half of the school and that is a very good opportunity for me. So if you don’t mind, come hang out with me. My class is the 7th period class, depending on the day. I love Apple products (for sure), eating, music, science, talking (maybe) and apple (the fruit). For a career, I have no idea. In ending, it’s really nice to be here! I will create a blog to give advice and apps for Apple products later in the semester, so come and check it out. Pardon my grammar, I’m still learning!




nickHi my name is Nick Whitney and I am a senior at Burlington High School. This is my second year in Help Desk and I am looking forward to helping other people with their technology issues.  I am interested in technology and business. Some of the business classes I have taken throughout high school are Introduction to Business and Accounting and Personal Finance. Freshman year I took Digital Literacy with Mrs. Scheffer and I learned a lot about how to use technology in an appropriate manner and help improve my digital footprint.  As a young student, I have seen what a great impact technology has had both in our personal and educational lives. I look forward as a member of Help Desk to help both teachers and students learn how to use technology in the most efficient way. In addition, I also hope to learn how to better integrate technology in my daily life. I also look forward to advancing my problem solving skills as well as being able to help fellow students and teachers. Some of my interests outside of the classroom are sports and music and I am currently playing varsity soccer.


sarim-final-pic-sized-for-siteHi, I am Sarim and I am a senior in BHS. I am really interested in software engineering and it is really similar to computer engineering. It is really fun to do things like making websites and doing your own coding to make stuff like apps and more. I decided to join the Help Desk because I know a lot about technology and I can also help people out with whatever they need. I have helped people before with their iPads and other things like technology. I really enjoy doing it and it is really fun to help other people. I am thinking of going to college to study software engineering at MIT and I am looking forward to that. In my opinion, it will be really fun to learn new things at MIT and I will also make new friends. I also like football, cricket and kayaking. It is really fun to do that and I really enjoy having fun also because that is what life’s about: having fun and studying. I have two brothers; one is in the military and the other one is living in Cambridge and working by himself and just having fun.



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