Thoughts on Network Traffic at BHS

Most if not all BHS students and staff have read Mr. Sullivan’s blog post about the upcoming network experiment. If you haven’t, please read it here:

We understand this may be difficult for those in the BHS community who have been using their personal devices on the network, but the IT department is doing this experiment during January and February to see if there is a positive effect on the network when:

a. only BPS-approved devices are on it, and

b. certain streaming services are throttled (limited or slowed down)

We will be gathering feedback from the community during the next couple months of this experiment, but we hope everyone understands this is being done to understand what helps or hinders network performance so that ultimately, everyone will be maximizing the educational usage of the technology we have in BHS.

Please make sure the device(s) you’ve been assigned in BPS are the ones you’ll be using during this experiment. If you have been using a particular device such as a cell phone on the network, please make sure you’re monitoring your usage in school since you’ll now be using your personal data plan.

If anyone has questions or would like to give feedback, come visit us at the Help Desk.

Update: Juniors and Seniors can either buy their iPads or turn them in to get a personal device onto school wi-fi. Details are in Mr. Sullivan’s blog post:


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Network Traffic at BHS

  1. We have similar experiences in our schools
    I wonder if Mr. Leroy Wong could get in touch with me? It would be interesting to share how we can tackle things together and learn from each other.

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