App to Potentially Revamp BHS Help Desk


(Above is the primary homepage interface for the application, courtesy of Xcode.)

Three years since the BHS 1:1 iPad initiative was first put into action, there has been very little discrepancy over the fact that the integration of technology at BHS has done wonders for both students and staff in terms convenience and efficiency.  However, simply because the initiative has yielded positive results and has impacted student learning does not mean that it has not come with its fair share of issues and glitches. In just our first week as Help Desk students, we have seen that the implemented technology is in constant need of maintenance in order to function efficiently, and that many times the BHS Help Desk simply does not have the manpower to meet the technological demands of the entire school. At least, not without a bit of organization. Enter Manas Purohit and Michael Seleman.

In an effort to revamp Help Desk’s organization system, we have set out to create an IOS application that, when complete, will allow Help Desk to function as a network more so than a support desk. Still in its earliest stages, the application will allow students and staff members alike to report technical issues to the Help Desk team right from their seats! All reports will then be sorted and prioritized accordingly, enabling the Help Desk team to distribute and solve issues effectively. The app will also feature a live timeline that will track the stage of a student’s report from “Received” all the way to “Resolved”. Thus, the app is expected to make Help Desk’s responsibilities significantly more manageable. As of right now, we have decided it necessary that we familiarize ourselves with the appropriate programming language (Objective C) as well as the Xcode IDE (integrated development environment). App development and beta testing will begin shortly in October. With any luck, the initial version of the HD App will be released on November 15th. Stay tuned for our weekly progress reports at


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